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21 Geniuses Just Won $625,000 To Spend However They Want

Danielle Bassett, 32, is a physicist working on enhancing our understanding of the human brain (photo McArthur foundation)

This homeless 26-year-old relies on picking up women for his survival. A video from Elite Daily chronicling the exploits of a homeless millennial who gets by on going home with women he meets in bars and on the streets of New York City is making the rounds online.

Falling Off The Grid- Homeless People in Ontario

It may seem silly to some people that there are people who deliberately want to get “off the grid” so to speak, when homeless people “fall of the grid” accidentally when they get evicted, can’t find a new place to live, can’t afford a new place to live, and end up homeless on the street because there isn’t enough affordable housing.


#1. Toronto has approx. 50,000 homeless people – enough for a small city!